The Best Underwater Drones 2019 | World Leaders In Camera Drones



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There has never been an easier way of filming underwater. You can create stunning movies hands-free and have a unique underwater filming experience with iBubbles exclusive technology. With its hydrodynamic design, solid underwater lighting and integrated movement schemes, iBubble provides the most remarkable filming escapade.

Fathom One
Fathom One app is the best the market has to offer when it comes to adventure in the deep. This app can facilitate live footage streaming right to your screen while you control the app from the surface. The controls resemble flying a plane in videogames. Left thumb can be pushed for throttling and right thumb for directions.

Youcan Robot
Youcan robot BW space is the first of its kind that can recognize the image and follow the target with live broadcast function with instant sharing of underwater shots among friends. This advanced underwater photography robot is used in underwater adventures, entertainment and other fields.

Poseidon 1
Poseidon has an outstanding performance and sensors for processing intricate and dynamic photos. It is enabled with a 9000 mAh high-capacity Lithium battery.

Whiteshark Mix
Whiteshark mix has a state of the art design and engineering that makes it truly remarkable. The balance is provided by the symmetrical design enabled by the dual propeller.

To facilitate shooting in both underwater and above water conditions, PowerDolphin is equipped with a special dual – joint rotating camera. The shooting can go as wide as 132° and field of view ranges from -150° to +70°(when camera rotates towards underwater, angle becomes negative as horizontal position is 0°), thus enabling an advanced 22° shooting and visual experience.

Navatics mito has a built-in active professional grade stabilisation technology with a sleek and compact body. It can be used for taking a steady shot anytime, anywhere.


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