The Funniest Moments On Kitchen Nightmares


Some of the funniest moments with Gordon Ramsay on Kitchen Nightmares.

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  1. It’s a ricotta cheese, it’s a ricotta cheese. You want to f..k with me. Untucking believable. How do you put up with them?

  2. Having a job where u can go all over the place and try restaurants and eat foods sounds like a dream job. Except when ur Gordon Ramsey and ur fed shit all day

  3. 5:40 JOE: "..You don't hand me raw food in my dinning room.."
    Ahh dear Joe, if there is something on my plate that I don't want there, and you happen to be walking by at that moment.. I'm going to hand that to you whether you like it or not.."!!!!! Thats the way that is!! Joseph!

  4. I guess these owners have never watched a Ramsey show…. what they expect when he shows up. Hes gonna put you on blast and help you fix yourself and business

  5. 9:30 Someone please make a meme template of this. Is golden! It's just like that cat meme where the women is crying and pointing at the confused cat.

    But instead you got Gordan Ramsay as the cat and then slide to the left is greek dance

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