The NEW and Best Smart Home Gadgets in 2021!


NEW Smart Home Gadgets in 2021 (Part 2)!

The smart home products market has absolutely exploded in mid-2021 and I’m here to show you all the best new smart home gadgets in 2021. This month, we’ve found a number of products from Amazon, including their new Echo Show 5 and 8, plus a Kids Edition of the Echo Show 5.

I’ll take you through new products from Philips Hue, but if you’re in North America there isn’t much to buy today. YoLink brought us a new set of outdoor products, including their outdoor motion sensor and outdoor motion controller for a Siren. Combine those two, and no one is entering onto your property!

Zooz, Inovelli, and Sensative all have new Z-Wave products, and we’ll talk about Sonos and their Ikea Symfonisk partnership, the new Wyze Buds Pro, Narwal T10, Aqara’s M2 Hub as well as a number of other Aqara products coming out later this year.

We’ll even talk about a #smarthome pet bowl for your dog, a camera with gesture and voice control, and I’ll even tell you about a Samsung SmartThings secret program that Inovelli is now a part of to bring you local control in your smart home! Get ready for all the latest #gadgets and #products for your smart home in 2021!

Resources for today’s video:

  1. Our comparison of the new Echo Show 8 vs the 1st generation (and 5 too) –
  2. Our playlist of YoLink setup videos –
  3. Hex Home’s security system –

Products you can buy from today’s video:

  1. Amazon Echo Show 8 – (Amazon affiliate link)
  2. Amazon Echo Show 5 – (Amazon affiliate link)
  3. Amazon Echo Show 5 Kids Edition – (Amazon affiliate link)
  4. Amazon Echo Buds 2nd Generation – (Amazon affiliate link)
  5. Amazon Fire Tablet Kids Pro – (Amazon affiliate link)
  6. Philips Hue Dimmer Switch – (Amazon affiliate link)
  7. YoLink Outdoor Motion Sensor – (Amazon affiliate link)
  8. YoLink Outdoor Controller (for Siren) – (Amazon affiliate link)
  9. Hex Home – (Amazon affiliate link)
  10. Zooz S2 Light Switch (ZEN26) –
  11. Zooz S2 Light Switch (ZEN27) –
  12. Inovelli Red Series 5-Button Switch –
  13. Wyze Buds Pro –
  14. Narwal T10 Mop and Vacuum – (Amazon affiliate link)
  15. Sensative 700 Series Guard, Strip, and Drip –

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