The Nubia Z20 Is A Very Different Smartphone


In the world of 2019 smartphone design the Nubia Z20 stands out.

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  1. Anyone know if the Z20 has NFC? Different websites disagree on this point. Some say it does some say it doesn't. I prefer to hear from people who actually have this phone, because googling I can do myself 😉

  2. nubia phones are always good values when you compare hardware to price. how does it hold up with actual use. does it slow down once you load it up with your apps like some of their previous devices?

  3. I would rather prefer the best oled in the market than some Chinese oled just to not have a punch hole. Which personally doesn't even bother that much.

  4. 1.not pocket frndly
    2.very fragile back
    3. Cannot put case back side
    4. I dont need bezel less display its a over rated option .
    5. We need better battery backup
    6. No proper service centers …

  5. Why are we not supporting these phones let's stop over price iPhone. Samsung I understand atleast they put alot of stuff in there phone but no better than this

  6. For bookworms, there might be something to explore: one side normal display, the other an e-ink one just for reading, with crazy battery runtime. 😉

  7. How u have this many subs is a fucking mystery.
    You're lazy as fuck and make egregious mistakes, like forgetting to turn off the rear display eye care setting before shooting this, and you didnt even explore the auto-switch functionality. And your cameraman cant keep the target tracked as your hands are moving, the video has sluggish framedragging, and your top camera is out of focus half the time. I mean im just stumped how you get millions of views with such piss poor production?

  8. would be a killer phone and i would totally go with it IF it would had a headphone jack, just.. why?? obviously theres a plenty of space for that so why not?? i would sacrifice couple mAh of battery because of that in no time

  9. I Had Nubia Z11 Max
    Now i have Samsung A50.
    You know what. NUBIA = Quality.
    Only few things like Screen, camera aaaaaaand A50 is not even close to my old Nubia Z11 Max..

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