The Real Reason Chinese Phones are so Cheap in 2019…🔥🔥🔥


How can chinese companies sell phones for $100 and make money? 5 Reasons why!
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In the last point, reliable and reliability play a big role in why parts are so cheap.

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  1. The Chinese companies( beside the Foxconn ) own the OEM and ODM factories. What this basically mean is they manufacturer and design. They are mostly concentrated In Shenzhen, a city located in Southern China and near Hong Kong.

    Beside the high tech companies, many smartphones accessories maker, such as Baseus have R&D (research and development), they make and design a lot of good smartphones and car accessories target for Young consumers at very affordable price, even Alibaba work with them, too.

    If you really wanted to compare the product you wanted to buy today, their design basically very similar because many of these phone are made by the same company.

  2. It's not likely that Chinese phones would use DRAM that's actually failing. But manufacturers do speed-grade RAM. If you're buying a more expensive part, it's likely every chip passed a test. But tests are expensive. At a slower speed, they may have a pretty good idea that every part passes the speed test, so they're just functionally tested. Thus, a cheaper part. Samsung, of course, is the largest DRAM maker (and largest chip company in general), so it's unlikely they're specifically buying someone else's derated parts. But it's pretty likely that the low-cost phones use cheaper DRAM, slower clocked parts. In fact, there's a good chance the lower-end SOCs they're using can't take advantage of the faster DRAM used in an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy S.

  3. They steal american intellectual property and exploit their workers. it isnt rocket science. They are also subsidized by the CCP to put other companies out of business and eliminate competition so the only choice will then be the sub par chinese product. Then the prices will go up and we'll all be back where we started with worse products. you seem to be ignorant to the purpose of patent law as you only discuss the positive aspects of ignoring it and not the negative aspects, like a company who invests in r&d is now at a financial disadvantage and will be put out of business by copycats. this means this company will no long contribute to r&d and innovation will slow along with only sub par products being available on the market. there is a reason intellectual property is protected in the us. china would be smart to do the same. they dont innovate though, they copy.

  4. Of course they are cheaper, the Chinese government subsidise them so they can use them to spy on everyone.

  5. I was coming from iphone and Samsung, now use Xiaomi redmi 7. Regardless the huge price difference, redmi 7 is the best phone I ever have.

  6. Samsung Falls Broken Screen
    Nokia Falls Nothing Happens
    Apple Falls Owner Dies

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  7. Re No 5… When a batch is made of say memory it will have a range of performance – some be will top notch and up to spec (or even overspec). Others will run slower/hotter and need some delays in the cycle. None of what gets through should fail – that gets rejected. Every chip is tested and put in the appropriate bin and priced accordingly.

  8. Bullshit! These phones aren't cheap, they are just more reasonably priced than their competitors. Truth be known, charging 1k or 2k and up for a device that barely lasts 2 years and is worth less than a dried dog turd shows that these things drop their value like lead balloons.

  9. What was said about RAM is true I found out the hard way.
    My first smartphone was a no name Chinese clone of a Galaxy S4 it would get hot and crashed frequently so now I only buy Samsung and Moto I would buy iPhone if they were USB-C

  10. We have colorful money too in Australia . I guess both countries being part of the Commonwealth is probably why we have stupid plastic money.

  11. You can get a bootleg iPhone running android with a removable battery for $70 in Shenzhen, so yeah the Chinese markets themselves need to keep prices low to compete with their own fakes/bootlegs.

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