This Is Not A BlackBerry…


The Unihertz Titan is a rugged Blackberry inspired Kickstarter smartphone. It packs a physical keyboard similar to Blackberry devices of the past. Unlike Blackberry however Unihertz has focused on durability turning the Titan into a tank.

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  1. I wonder when this will actually ship to customers. As of today, the kickstarter campaign is over, and now they have moved onto indiegogo. Kickstarter talked about delivering in Dec 2019, Indiegogo is now promising in Jan 2020. Any bets on which crowfunded site they'll go to next? Oh wait, they're on BackIt as well, claiming TWO successful Kickstarter campaigns. I'm sorry, but I'd define successful as delivering the product you've promised. Has anyone gotten theirs yet? Two successful campaigns? Kickstarter claims 3,085 backers with $776,947 pledged. Indiegogo doens't list any numbers, just 46 spots claimed at the $299 mark, which equals $13,754. And BackIt claims 3,074 with $773,759 pledged. So that's 6,205 backers at $1,564,460 collected. As much as I want this phone to be a real thing, that's an amazing amount of money collected with no deliveries made to backers. And that is just one of two Kickstarter campaigns. If the missing one was as successful, that amount could be over $2.2 M collected. Good luck on your orders, I hope you finally get them. I'm going to wait for the actual sale of it.

  2. Well Thanks for showing a physical keypad phone in the current era of big screen phones (which are big like a tv). A keypad phone is always handy and i am too looking for such a phone.

    Really love your team for bringing up some fantastic products.

  3. from what i know, gg don't support the square screen size. that why bb didn't make a passport2, but keyone. 4:08 … i was right. it's an interesting device, through. be aware of apps' compatibilities, guys.

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