Tianshi Business Group Tiens (Product & Training) for Network Marketers & Business Persons 2019 APP


“Tiens App” is an application for Android which offers information on Tianshi business and products by easy access. It facilitates smart business style by providing various functions and easy operation. “Tiens App” is also useful for any person who wants to be Tianshi products distributor. This Tiens App also contains training for anybody who wants to be a network marketer like the eight building blocks of any business.


APP LINK: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=sammy.tiens.tianshi

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APP Link: http://bit.ly/Tianshi_Business

What is New in this Release?

• New Awesome Design
• Tianshi Profile
– About multilevel marketing
– The Company Profile
– 101 reasons why Tiens business
– How to start the Tianshi business
– The New Tianshi Marketing Plan in Video
– Projection power – just by one person joining your network per month
– How to use a system to build your business
– What is Tiens all about
• Tians Products and Supplements
– Product and supplements list with picture, description, dosage and for who it is recommended
– Tianshi Equipment’s list, with how to use, benefits and for who it is suitable for.
– More than 160 Guides and Recommendations on how to treat and be safe from different disease (Full description on what tianshi product is recommended for what disease).
• Great Trainings
– 8 Basic Building Blokes Training
– Attitude Training
– Five Laws of Success Training
– The 30 Days Challenge
– Success Strategy Training
– Name List Training
– Training Center Management
– Team Building Training
– Invitation Power Training
– In-Service Training
– Building Relationship Training
• Successful Life
– Leadership Key
– Leadership Qualities
– Goals and Dreams
– Affirmations
– Financial IQ
– Eagle Leadership Principles
– Destructive Habits
– Coffee Powder
– Desire Goals
– Motivational Lines
– Things to Checkout
– Entrepreneurs Habit
– Personal Grooming
– Nagators
– Action
– Emotional Intelligence
• Forum Chat with other Tianshi members

APP Link: http://bit.ly/Tianshi_Business

In accordance with “Tianshi business Group’s philosophy, namely “restoring health to mankind, contributing to society”, Tiens products are selling in over 190 countries worldwide. Tiens produced more than 1100 products such as health food, health care appliances, skincare applications, and household products, are creating a high-quality life for more than 30 million families around the world and have helped them to enjoy health, happiness, beauty, and affluence.

Tianshi is the best network marketing company to work with. Tiens products are well tested and trusted which are very potent in bring solutions to many disturbing health issues of human being.

[One World, One Family] + [Harmony, Unity, Prosperity]

APP Link: http://bit.ly/Tianshi_Business

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