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How to Assemble – Tiger Tough Skyscraper Playground

Your cat will love the FurHaven Tiger Tough Skyscraper Playground cat tree! There is an adjustable spring at the top which braces it to your ceiling which makes this cat furniture secure and tip-free. The skyscraper playground also features an enclosed cat condo, cat shelves in different shapes and sizes, soft bowl hammock cat bed, sisal rope-covered scratching posts, springy-wand ball cat toys, hanging sisal rope and mouse toys!

This tall cat tower reaches over 8 feet tall, and has multiple levels of enjoyment! Whether your kitty is on the lower level playing with the mouse toy dangling from sisal rope, relaxing in privacy in the enclosed cat house, laying playfully in the hammock, or stretching on an upper cat perch playing with the spring-y ball wand toy, you will know that your cat is happy and safe.

The bottom base is large and sturdy, and to keep it interesting, the fabric-covered cat shelves, and the cat houses, come in different shapes and sizes. Several tall columns keep the cat tree secure and are covered with sisal rope-covered cat scratching posts for your cat’s scratching training and pleasure. Your kitty will get plenty exercise jumping, stretching, and playing on this amazing piece of cat furniture. The Skyscraper Playground cat tree is easy to clean by spot-washing with a damp cloth and vacuuming it when needed.