Time To Buy Metaverse Projects- UFO Gaming- AXS, SAND, GALA, ENJ, WAX, UFO Gaming, ILV, ATLAS & MANA


Time To Buy Metaverse Projects- UFO Gaming- AXS, SAND, GALA, ENJ, WAX, UFO Gaming, ILV, ATLAS & MANA

The Metaverse became a big trend in November. Right around Halloween, Mark Zuckerberg shook the social media world, not to mention the crypto world, with his announcement. The long-term impact of this seemingly minuscule event still serves as rocket fuel for metaverse and gaming coins, which have already moved past the moon.

Let’s review the top 10 coins related to metaverses and blockchain games!

#10 Star Atlas (NYSE:ATCO) Star Atlas is an open space strategy game on the blockchain
#9 My Neighbor Alice My Neighbor Alice has developed by leaps and bounds. After the successful token sale this summer, ALICE almost entered the top 100 cryptos.
#8 Yield Guild Games Yield Guild Games became one of the enthusiasts of blockchain gaming.
#7 Illuvium Illuvium is slated to become a full-fledged open-world adventure RPG. It hit the market this year with a successful token sale and exponential growth.
#6 UFO Gaming UFO Gaming is going to become an outer space multiverse. They introduced one blockchain game, Super Galactic, which seems like a twin-stick shooter on the blockchain.
#5 Enjin Coin Enjin became the pioneer of crypto metaverses. The developers claim they established the project at a time when Satoshi Nakamoto released Bitcoin.
#4 Gala Games Gala Games was on high rotation in the media before the metaverse boom happened, and it has maintained its position.
#3 The Sandbox The top three on this pedestal have been well-known in the crypto community for a long time. The Sandbox and Decentraland are examples of the “true” metaverse that all enthusiasts believed crypto would reach one day.
#2 Axie Infinity Is there anyone that doesn’t know about Axie Infinity? All the social media was chewing our ears off about these virtual pets on the blockchain.
#1 Decentraland The winner of today’s top ten metaverse coins is Decentraland. This is the first full-fledged 3D crypto metaverse.

Enjoy the video! Stay safe everyone.

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