Top 10 Best Blankets For Babies

Babies require special blankets to keep them safe and warm. Hence baby blankets are always special.There are tons of blankets and swaddles in the market, but deciding which ones to invest in can be a little tricky. To make your job a tad easier, we have rounded up the ten softest, most luxurious and breathable blankets for your baby that your baby will adore. We have a hunch that you will like them too! Read on to know more!

Top Ten Baby Blankets:

1. Aden + Anais Classic Swaddle:

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The brand is famous for making adorable blankets of natural fibers. The lightweight muslin allows ventilation and provides comfort and warmth to your tot. Also, the blanket is of a large size, so you can turn the blanket into a stroller shade or a nursing cover. How can you forget, The Duchess of Cambridge introduced Prince George to the world wrapped snugly in the Aden + Anais Classic Swaddler. Please note that the Classic Muslin Swindle Blankets are thin. So opt for the thicker Cozy Muslin blankets if you live in a chilly place.

2. Boritar Baby Blanket

Boritar Baby Blanket

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The blanket features dual layers: the outer layer is a soft fabric, and the inner lining is a dotted, fluffy layer of fabric that is soft to touch. The blanket is warm and delicate, which makes it ideal for babies with sensitive skin. The blanket has multiple uses and can also be useful for swaddling the infant. The fabric is machine-washable.

3. Hudson Baby Printed Mink with Sherpa Backing

Hudson Baby Printed Mink with Sherpa Backing

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The polyester baby blanket has a fleece-like texture on the outside and velboa fabric on the inside. It makes the blanket super cuddly for the little one. The size is perfect for infants. The blanket is machine washable, which makes maintenance easy.

4. Luxe Giraffe™ Baby Blanket:

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Little Giraffe touts itself as luxurious, and we could not agree less. It will make an elegant gift for the special little one in your life. The soft blanket has satin borders, which babies find extra soothing. The blanket is not very big, but neither are the babies, right? Also, the Little Giraffe’s Luxe Giraffe Blanket gets softer over time. But the downside is that the trim does not hold up well over time.

5. Max Daniel Rosebud And Satin Baby Blanket:

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It is another excellent choice for your baby. These blankets have a loyal fan following and with good reason. They are breathable, lightweight and create a snug hold when swaddling. It comes in fun colors and prints that coordinate well with the nursery themes. Also, these blankets are large, making them ideal for covering your munchkin in the stroller.

6. SwaddleMe By Summer Infant:

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Wrap your wriggly baby with this SwaddleMe by Summer Infant. It has soft fabric wings you can attach to Velcro patches. You can even change a dirty diaper without having to remove the blanket. The fabric of the blanket is gentle and soft. The single layer of the blanket makes it a great choice for babies less than six months of age. The cute monkey and other animal prints of the swaddle add oodles of appeal to the blanket.

7. SwaddlePod by Summer Infant:

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Babies love things that recreate the feeling of being in the womb, and SwaddlePod by Summer Infant does just that. It has Velcro patches on the side flaps, which make it easy to secure your baby. You can swaddle the baby with arms in and out, depending entirely on your baby’s preference. The two-way zipper makes diaper changing extremely convenient.

8. Oenbopo Newborn Baby Wrap Swaddle Blanket

Oenbopo Newborn Baby Wrap Swaddle Blanket

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The crochet blanket has a design that makes it easy to swaddle the infant. It has a hood on top, which can be used to provide warmth to the baby’s head. The baby can sit on the blanket while the hood stays on the head making the little one appear immensely cute! Buttons are made entirely of wood and have smooth rims for baby’s protection.

9. Barefoot Dreams Bamboo Chic Receiving Blanket:

It is hands down the softest blanket you will come across. These large blankets are great for swaddling and so much more. The dense bamboo fiber makes the blanket extremely soft. It also features a satin patch that will draw your baby’s fingers like a magnet. Despite the thickness, you can wash and dry the blanket with the other laundries. These baby boy blankets are special.

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10. Miracle Blanket:

Does your baby wiggle his arms out of his blanket? Then the Miracle Blanket is the one for him. The Miracle Blanket has two small flaps that wrap around your tot’s little arms and back to keep his limbs secure. The large flap wraps around his entire body. The downside is that the blanket comes in just one size, so your baby will outgrow it in a few months. The Miracle Blanket holds up pretty well even after multiple washes.

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