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Top 10 Best Christopher Nolan Movies ►►

The best Christopher Nolan movies take advantage of the medium of cinema, and often makes use of Imax. Movies like Memento and The Prestige reminds us filmmakers what cinema is all about, and film directing and editing has rarely been so good.

You’ve watched Interstellar, Insomnia, Dunkirk, and The Dark Knight Trilogy
(Batman), and love the cinematic storytelling from this prolific director and filmmaker in general. It doesn’t hurt when you have a Hans Zimmer score too. Where does the Dark Knight Rises stack up against The Prestige?

The best Christopher Nolan movies take you on a deep journey, and list will rank the top Christopher Nolan films from the worst all the way down to the best all from the perspective of true filmmakers who watch his work to learn the techniques.

If you love Christopher Nolan movies, you need to see how our list looks at his work. Maybe you disagree? Maybe you think anything with Christian Bale or Tom Hardy is a bad movie, maybe you think Matthew McConaughey is the greatest actor alive.

Christopher Nolan editing techniques also come into play, so see how the best Christopher Nolan movies are tied to his ability to craft stories that use those editing techniques to the full effect, without going overboard.

The end result: You will know why certain Chistopher Nolan movies are better than others based on the values of cinema, and not box office or fanboy opinions.

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