Top 10 Electric Cars Will Challenge Tesla in 2018/2019


Representing Top 10 Electric Cars That Will Challenge Tesla in 2018/2019

01: BMW i3s
Comes in 2018. Starting range 124 miles, 184hp, top Speed 99mph, price $48,000.

02: BMW Mini Concept
Comes in 2019, Specs N/A

03: Mercedes GLC F-Cell
Comes in 2019, Range 271miles (electric range-50km), 197hp, electronically-limited top speed of 99 mph, price $55,000

04: Mercedes EQ Concept
Comes in 2019, Range 310 miles, 400 hp, top speed 150mph, price $39,000

05: Audi Elaine
Comes in 2019, range 311 miles, 429hp, price N/A

06: Honda Urban EV
Comes in 2019, Specs N/A

07: Jaguar I-PACE
Comes in 2018, Range 220 miles, 400hp, top speed 200mph

08: Hyundai Kona
Comes in 2018, Range 217 miles, 177hp, top speed 160mph, price $39,000

09: Volvo Polestar One
Comes in 2019, Electric Range 93 miles, 600hp combined(electric 218 hp)

10: 2018 Nissan Leaf
Comes in 2018, range 150 miles, 174hp, top speed 93mph, price $29,990

Tesla Model 3 Specs
Starting Range 220 miles, 258 hp, top speed 140mph, price $35,000.



  1. Dear friends, please note that Hyundai Kona comes with 2 versions, both Gasoline and Electric powered.

    The part that the Kona has also gasoline-powered variant before speaking about the internal combustion engine in the video is unfortunately omitted .

    So, please accept our sincere apologies

  2. Stop talking about hydrogen, the title said electric, plus, hydrogen is dangerous as it's very flammable and if the tank bursts, say goodbye to your life.

  3. End of 2019. Another video of fairy-tails and computer graphic generated images of electric cars NEVER get to materialized for reasonable price prole actually can afford.

  4. Tesla has to lead in expanding the electric car market share and justify charging infrastructure network. If Tesla "Wins" all electric cars win.

  5. Hydrogen is not economically viable (it is a US oil industry sop – since 98% hydrogen comes from fracking oil). The issue with hydrogen from electrolysis is only 50% efficient since 50% of the energy is lost by producing 50% oxygen which is "waste" ! Hydrogen is an energy storage, where the green production with an immediate 50% energy loss – not practical. In Europe where you can fill with hydrogen at consumer outlets, the cost is more than petrol (gasoline) or diesel as it is not economic to produce.
    Many of these cars are vapour-ware – they are not in production, and "might" change Tesla. The Kona and Nero are the game changers as they are very efficient and are now available, have a 300 mile range (close too) and that is the key buyer requirement and are moderately practical and are affordable and cheaper than Tesla. In fact Tesla had to drop the price of their car to match.
    The Nissan leaf missed the mark due the battery problems (over heating) and the range is below the buyer expectation so missed a mark.
    The new Golf looks promising, with range options to suit different buyers but the price point is key here. I personally think that the "Tesla-like" touch screen control in the Golf is problematic as it makes many controls fiddly to use and my dry fingers are shit for using on touch screens. I have some concern with the rear wheel drive which was done for technical reasons, but for 99% of customers this is a downgrade as front wheel drive is more forgiving and predicable for 99% of drivers (technical reasons), and is much better in snow and ice. Of course the "real" drivers will say I am talking crap, but only 1% of the public can drive at motor sport level and use the advantage real wheel drive can offer at that level, the other 99% benefit from the safer design of front wheel (or 4 wheel) drive.

  6. This video is dated 2017, it is now the second half of 2019 so we can say with some confidence that these challengers to Tesla have all been damp squibs at least as far as sales volume goes. South Korea seems to be the best of the challenger nations, I suspect they may end up the EV winner in the long term but not yet. Renault are doing well at the affordable end but at the moment Tesla is still the leader in my opinion.
    Nissan don't seem to care about electric vehicles anymore despite shoehorning in a 62kWh battery they still don't have any thermal management which is a crying shame, surely that has to be deliberate policy to cripple that car, you could get away with that in 2009 but not in 2019.

  7. Looks like every one of these cos are copying a feature or two from the Tesla. Why would anyone buy these when the Tesla has everything and is the company that actually started the whole EV car market by standing up to Big Oil Cos. The Tesla is the ultimate car while these are all concept and cheap knock offs.

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  9. Actually this video is misleading. Tesla is at the BOTTOM of the list when it comes to E.V's (Electric Vehicles) in production, and not nearly as successful. China has a much higher production rate and better success in the market

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