TOP 15 Best Toys For 4-Month-Old Baby

Your 4 month old baby is not the one you saw last month, not even last week! Don’t you think so? There is a change in his behaviour as he is turning smarter, and his brain is developing rapidly. He is becoming a social being. He wants interaction, and you will have to keep him engaged. The best way to do so is by offering the right toys! Interactive toys keep the little one engaged.

If you are in search of unique toys for your four-month-old, MomJunction helps you in knowing about the best toys available in the market. Introduce your little one to the world of colors, shapes, and sounds through play! But before buying any toys, understand your baby’s development at this age.

Development Of A Four-Month Baby

A 4 month old starts to make new sounds and move around. The baby exhibits or tries to achieve several milestones (1). Some of them are:

Sensory development: Uses mouth and hands to explore toys, calms down when you rock him, reacts to sudden sounds or noises, and; begins to babble.

Cognitive development: Notices toys that make sounds, makes sounds to express feelings and; smiles when happy and content.

Physical development: The baby rolls from back to tummy and tummy to back, reaches both hands to play with feet, and grasps objects in hand.

Now that you understand your baby’s development, it will be easy to decide and pick the right toy. Below is the list of best toys available online.

18 Best Toys For 4-Month-Old

Activity Toys

1. LIGHTDESIRE Musical Caterpillar Toy [Newest] Rattle With Ring Bell For Preschool

Rattle with Ring Bell

Skills Developed: Sensory skills, gross motor skills

The toy sounds music that attracts the baby and promotes interaction.

Interactive caterpillar: Various colors and patterns of the gorgeous toy promote the little one’s visual development. The toy would enhance the hand and wrist activity, stimulate visual and auditory development, and promote hand muscle development. On squeezing the caterpillar’s head, you can hear a lovely song.

Ring bell: Except the head, the other parts of the toy are built with clear bells, BB and ring paper layer. Pinch the BB and it will send out a sound. There is a loud rustling of paper pressure too.

Growth tracker: The tummy of the toy has both foot and meter scale. The ruler is designed to measure the height of the baby, anytime with ease. Just make the baby lie flat on the bed and measure the height. The maximum size is 60cm. Measure twice if the baby is taller than the scale.

2. Fisher-Price Rattle And Rock Maracas Musical Toy

Maracas Musical Toy

Skills Developed: Grasping skills, sensory skills, gross motor skills

The toy features soft pom-pom buttons for easy grip and the colorful beads with rattle sounds, which are surely a delight to babies. They come with just the right size for the little hands to grip and shake. The maracas will get the baby move and rock to the beat within no time.

3. Infant Baby Development Soft Giraffe Animal Handbells Rattles Handle Toys

Infant Baby Development Soft Giraffe Animal Handbells Rattles Handle Toys

Skills Developed: Cognitive skills

The lovely Giraffe is a soft toy made to delight as well as stimulate the natural curiosity of the babies. This can become your baby’s favorite toy, when playing in his crib, traveling in the car, or sitting on the high chair. The little one explores the cuddly toy and keeps himself engaged for a long time.

Crib Toys And Stroller Toys

4. SHILOH Baby Developmental Crib Toy With Arm And Musical Mobile Blue Sky

Arm and Musical Mobile

Skills Developed: Sensory skills

The crib toy is safe, creative and promotes a baby’s senses. The plush canopy toys can be taken off as individual toys. As the baby presses each toy, a wonderful music begins playing. The mobile plays music continuously with 60 different melodies. The toy is designed to fit most beds and cribs.

5. Manhattan Toy Wimmer-Ferguson Infant Stim Mobile To Go Travel Toy

Infant Stim Mobile

Skills Developed: Multi-sensory, early visual development

The travel toy can be attached to most strollers, car seats, and infant carriers. It features three reversible, multi-sensory, and visually engaging cards. These cards encourage the pre-reaching movement of the baby by displaying high-contrast images, with black and white graphics on one side and color graphics on the other. The sides can be flicked, once the baby is used to the toy. It is light weighted and ‘easy to pack’ activity travel toy for babies.

6. Skip Hop Baby Silver Lining Cloud Rattle Moon Stroller Toy, Multi, Clouds

Moon Stroller

Skills Developed: Auditory, visual senses

Your baby will have fun on-the-go with the stroller toy. The plush, moon-shaped stroller toy has neon rattle beads, which stimulate auditory as well as visual senses of the baby. The textured, cloud-shaped teether soothes the gums of the little one. It comes with a built-in loop for easy attachment to the bar of the stroller or infant carrier.

7. Fisher-Price Deluxe Stroller Activity Center

Deluxe Stroller

Buy Fisher-Price Deluxe Stroller Activity Center @

Skills Developed: Gross motor skills, sensory skills

This brightly colored activity center is full of activities for the little one to explore. It entertains the baby on the go! It comes with rattle beads, large overhead mirror, two teethers, and clackers. It is a simple take along toy.

Educational Toys

8. Skip Hop Explore And More, Roll Around Rattle Toy

Skip Hop Explore and More, Roll Around Rattle Toy

Skills developed: Auditory skills, visual skills, tactile sensation

The round shape of the toy makes it wobble when placed on the ground. The added beads make rattling sounds when the colorful toy rolls, to entice the baby. The rattle ball features rubberized texture so that the baby can use it for teething. This is an excellent toy for the overall sensory stimulus of the baby.

9. Sacow Dancing Stand Colorful Rocking Giraffe Wooden Toys

Giraffe Wooden Toy

Skills Developed: Sensory skills

The toy enhances a kid’s intelligence. The colorful wooden toy can be fixed to a chair or stroller and attracts and stimulates the baby’s senses. It can keep the baby engaged for a good time!

10. Wingingkids Rattle Set

Wingingkids Rattle Set

Skills Developed: Grasping skills

The baby soft rattle’s design allows for an easy grip for babies, encouraging their grasping skills. The toy serves as a cozy buddy and cuddly companion and keeps the baby entertained during long trips. It helps in relaxing the baby and letting them fall asleep easily. The baby also gets tactile stimulation from the breathable fabric.

11. Baby Animal Cloth Book Infant Kid Intelligence Development Toy Bed Cognize Books

Animal Cloth Book Infant Kid

Skills Developed: Cognitive skills

The cognize book is perfect for a 4-month-old. The colorful cloth book is made of 100% natural cotton. Reading to your baby gives you a chance to bond and stimulate the language and reading skills.

Teething Toys

12. Zig Zag Kid Musical Cow Soft Plush Baby Rattle With Teether

Musical Cow

Buy Zig Zag Kid Musical Cow Soft Plush Baby Rattle with Teether @

Skills Developed: Hand-eye co-ordination, sensory skills

The rattle is a perfect gift for new parents, as it offers perfect stimulation for babies. It easily clips to the crib or stroller. The toy is a combination of teether, musical toy, and rattle.

Colorful: Apart from having easy to grasp rings and key, the colors captivate the little one’s attention.

Safe: The cow plush rattle toy is BPF-free, non-toxic, phthalate-free, and thus, utterly safe for your baby.

Music: Just press the tummy of the toy to enjoy more than 30 songs. With each press, you can hear a new song.

13. Teether Toys | Baby Teething Toy For Relieving Gum Pain

Teether Toys

Skills Developed: Hand-eye coordination

The bright colored teethers encourage hand-eye coordination of the baby, besides stimulating their imagination. The teethers are educational, easy to hold, and lightweight. With multiple raised offset surfaces and unique textures, the teethers assist in the eruption of teeth, give a gentle massage on the gums, and bring a soothing comfort. The teethers provide stimulus to the tongue and the lips, promoting the transition to chewing from nursing. The food grade silicone teethers are flexible, soft, heat-resistant, made of non-toxic material, and washable. The fruit teether can even be frozen to give a different experience to the little one. You get a free link ring that serves three purposes.

  • It is textured and bumpy, providing pain relief.
  • Helps in organizing the teethers. This way, your baby can shift between fruits.
  • The ring helps in preventing the loss of fruit, making them handy when needed.

14. Nuby Silicone Teethe-Eez Teether With Bristles, Includes Hygienic Case, Pink

Teethe-eez Teether with Bristles

Skills Developed: Hand-eye coordination

The soft, silicone, fish-shaped teether comes in perfect size and shape for a baby. The BPA-free teether has a hygienic, carrying case, to keep it safe and clean. Multiple teething surfaces help in new teeth eruption and the unique textured design comforts the baby’s delicate gums.

15. Nuby IcyBite Soother Ring Teether, Colors May Vary

Ring Teether

Skills Developed: Grasping skills

The cool textured surface of the IcyBite soother ring teether can stimulate and clean the baby’s tender gums. It has the purICE Gel that stays colder longer than other water-teethers. The raised offset surfaces assist in the teeth eruption, by providing a gentle massage.

18. Acmee Rattle And Sensory Teether Activity Toy For Baby Playing

Sensory Teether

Skills Developed: Gross motor skills, sensory skills

The safe and soft activity toy is perfect for a teething baby. The toy is visually appealing to babies. It promotes activities such as two-handed play, grasping, and clutching. A pleasing rattle sound that comes from the middle piece attracts the little one, besides promoting ’cause and effect’ learning. It can be refrigerated to offer a soothing experience for sore gums.

These cute and best toys for 4 month old baby will be the perfect way to keep him happy and busy while you deal with the housework. They would also promote various stages of development in the baby. Why wait? Go ahead and take your pick to pamper your little one! Make his play time more interactive as he enjoys interaction (2).

Did you try any of these toys for your 4-month-old baby? What’s your baby’s favorite toy? Share your experiences with us in the comments box below.

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