Top 21 Gifts for 1 year old boy in India (2021) || Toys & Gift Ideas For 1 Year Old [Hindi]


Children might be small to understand the specialty of the day but when it comes to gifts they are ready to grab them all. You might face difficulty in choosing the best gift or toys for one year old boy in India so here are some shortlisted incredibly amazing gift ideas.

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Top 21 Gifts for 1 year old boy in India

1) Play Zone Tent with Balls

2) Dancing Dog!BfuuuN

3) Sofa Seat/Rocking Chair

4) Floating Bath Toys

5) Baby Bouncer

6) Baby Bedding with mosquito net

7) No pedal bike

8) Fish catching game

9) Garden Slide

10) Baby Stroller

11) Baby Bathing Tub

12) Wooden Xylophone

13) Push Car

14) Banana Training Tooth Brush

15) Musical Rhymes Book

16) Einstein Box

17) Giant Size Teddy Bear

18) Hot Wheels Car Gift Set

19) Automobile Toy Set

20) 2 in 1 Swing

21) Spout

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