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  1. Vivint Home Security
  2. Frontpoint Home Security
  3. ADT Home Security
  4. SimpliSafe Home Security

Vivint is our #1 pick for home security in 2019. Vivint’s high-end home security system leads the industry in home automation integration. It even provides professional installers who can help you customize your system based on your home’s particular needs. Vivint offers flexible payment options and has upped its customer service game over the years. It’s also the only security company to give you mobile access to your system (meaning you can control your system from an app on your phone) with its lowest-tier package. Now that’s cool.

Bottom line: Vivint is our top pick for home automation and equipment. Read our full Vivint review here:

Frontpoint is our favorite home security system with DIY installation. Rather than sending someone to your home to install and recommend security equipment, Frontpoint lets you build your security equipment package online and ships it to you to install yourself. Frontpoint gives you tons of options for smart home automation (like smart bulbs, garage door openers, and smart locks).

Bottom line: Frontpoint is our favorite home security system for easy DIY installation. Read our full Frontpoint review here:

ADT is the biggest, most widely recognized name in home security and by far the most popular home security company. It’s been around for 140 years, which gives it some serious clout in the industry. We love that ADT offers professional installation and has the industry experience to back up its recommendations. Though you may pay higher prices for similar services that our other top brands offer, there’s a reason millions of people choose ADT to protect their homes.

Bottom line: ADT is the brand with the most experience in the home security industry. Read our full ADT review here:

SimpliSafe is our favorite flexible DIY security system. It’s perfect for renters, people on a budget, and those who don’t want to commit to contracts. While SimpliSafe doesn’t have the home automation integration that we love from our other top security companies, its equipment will do just fine for someone who wants to secure their home on a budget, with no commitment to long-term contracts.

Bottom line: SimpliSafe is our pick for affordable and flexible home security solutions. Read our full SimpliSafe review here:

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Vivint product footage (c) Vivint, Inc.
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