Top 5 Best Budget Laptops For Under $300 2018!


Hello Guys and Today I’m going to show you My list for the Top 5 Best Budget Laptops To Buy For Under $300! These laptops are for those who want genuinly good laptops but are on a tight budget. All these laptops should let you do almost everything that you would need including doing most work, web browsing and media consumption. The laptops mentioned here are also spaced more in terms of there pricing so you can get more options and uy the one that fits your situation.

Buy The Laptops From Amazon US:
5. HP Stream 14($200):
4. Lenovo Ideapad 110($270):
3. Acer Chromebook R11($280):
2. Lenovo Ideapad 320($300):
1. Acer Aspire E15($320):

Buy The Laptops From Amazon India:
5. HP Stream 14(Rs.20000):
4. Lenovo Ideapad 110(Rs.20000):
3. Acer Chromebook R11(Rs.32000):
2. Lenovo Ideapad 320(Rs.25000):
1. Acer Aspire E15(Rs.30000):

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