Top 5 Best Motorola Phones 2019-2020: Finding The best Moto Smartphone For You


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If you’re shopping for an affordable smartphone, you’re probably looking at a Nokia phone or a Motorola handset, as both solidly corner the budget phone market.
Motorola devices cover a variety of low price points, which means if you need a phone that won’t put you out of pocket, you’re likely considering one. Of course, choosing among the company’s many phones can be a task in itself.Just to be clear: none of Motorola’s phones effectively compete with flagship devices like the Samsung Galaxy S10 or iPhone XS, but they don’t come with a commensurately huge price tag, either. Instead, you’re getting phones that are reliable and fairly well specced for their cost.

Motorola has various ranges, like the Moto Mod-supporting Moto Z phones, or the more affordable Moto G main series, – though there are outliers like the Motorola One Vision which runs Android One. If you aren’t clear on how they differ, it can be hard to work out which you should pick up over the others.

To help you pick which device is the best you can get, we’ve made a handy guide of all the best Motorola phones you can buy.

New Motorola phones are always being released, though, so this list could change monthly as we review the handsets and revise the list accordingly. Keep checking back to TechRadar when new phones release to see how they fit in this ranking.