Top 5 – Best Sony TVs in 2019


?5 – Sony KD55X750F –
?4 – Sony X830F –
?3 – Sony XBR55X900F –
?2 – Sony KD55AF8 –
?1 – Sony XBR-65A9G – Best Overall Sony TV –

Coming in at 5th place is the Sony KD55X750F, which offers a smooth and flawless overall picture. It gives you lots of connectivity options, which lets you hook up many different devices simultaneously.
In 4th place we have the Sony X830F, which features a hidden cable management system to keep things nice and clean behind your TV. It also offers a great amount of detail and support for PlayStation 4 gamers.
In 3rd place is the Sony XBR55X900F, which delivers vibrant colors that will bring anything you watch to life. It uses Dolby Vision and IMAX technology to add a striking level of detail to every frame of the picture.
In 2nd place is the Sony KD55AF8, which uses a modern X1 Extreme chipset for smooth images that flow like water. It also uses Acoustic Surface speaker technology, which means an incredibly detailed level of audio quality.
Last but not least is Sony XBR 65A9G in 1st place. This is the best overall Sony TV due to its impressively bright and sharp OLED 4K display. It gives you a high dynamic range with a broader spectrum of colors for an authentic looking picture regardless of whatever you are watching.

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