TOP 5 Best Spy Camera with WiFi Test 2019


(USB Wifi Charger Cam comes with US Plug when buying!)

Best hidden Spy Cams in comparison review 2019!

1st place: Swisscam© Charger Cam WiFi 1080 Full HD incl. IOS and Android App

2nd place: Swisscam© Bluetooth Headset Cam Full HD 1080p

3rd place: Swisscam© Folder Cam incl. Night vision Full HD 720p

4th place: Swisscam© GPS Tracker Plus incl. iOS & Android App

5th place: Stainless steel table clock camera incl. Movement detection

— How did we proceed exactly?

We took the time and ‘tested over 25 hidden Spy Cameras’ in very detailled. This is how we discovered that only a handful of spy cams meet our requirements in terms of quality, features, un-dedectability, price and performance.

— As a result of the study, five Cameras could convince (partly incl. app & live transmission via Wi-Fi) us to 100%