Top 5 Best Subcompact Cars 2019


Top 5 Best Subcompact Cars 2019

Best compact cars 2019

  1. 2019 Hyundai Accent. It has a spacious, attractive interior and a nice assortment of available features. On the road, the Accent gets decent fuel economy and handles well. The Accent takes its time accelerating, and many competitors have more trunk space, but overall, this small car brings more to the table than it takes off it.
  2. 2019 Ford Fiesta. The Fiesta is a good car, especially when it comes to having fun behind the wheel. It’s one of the liveliest subcompact cars, with nimble handling and solid engines that equal dynamic performance. This is particularly true in the turbocharged ST trim. The Fiesta doesn’t have a strong safety rating, however. It earns mixed crash test scores and has virtually no advanced safety features available beyond the standard rearview camera. Interior space is also middling. The front seats are fine, but the back seat and trunk are smaller than many competitors’.
  3. 2019 MINI Cooper. The Mini Cooper is a great vehicle for people seeking athletic handling and brisk acceleration from a subcompact car. Its excellent road grip, firm suspension, sturdy brakes, and responsive steering help this vehicle move with an air of zippiness usually reserved for larger hatchbacks. The cabin is loaded with premium materials. Rear-seat passengers will feel cramped, however, and cargo space is well below average for the class. While sporty, this car’s ride quality can also be firm.
  4. 2019 Toyota Yaris. The 2019 Toyota Yaris is a good subcompact car. The Yaris isn’t the quickest car in this class, but you can have some fun with the sedan’s engaging handling. Inside, you’ll find standard features like a rearview camera and a touch-screen infotainment system.

1. 2019 Chevrolet Sonic. The 2019 Sonic is a good subcompact car that does most things well. Passenger space and comfort is excellent in both rows, and there’s lots of cargo room. Its sharp steering helps it take twisty roads with ease. A standard touch-screen infotainment system is straightforward and includes cool components like a Wi-Fi hot spot. A few downsides to the Sonic include below-average fuel economy and some hard plastic interior surfaces. Its standard turbocharged engine is fine for daily driving, but it feels underpowered under heavy acceleration.

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