Top 5 Best Upcoming Foldable Smartphones 2019-2020


Samsung Galaxy Fold
Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone
Iphone 11 fold
Razar v4
Huawei Mate X
Top 5 Best Upcoming Foldable Smartphones 2019-2020
As smartphone tech seeks new solutions to accommodate bigger and better screens, the foldable smartphone became an inevitable answer. We have been talking about Foldable phones for many years now, but it’s only now that they are sure to go mainstream.

We can sense the upcoming deluge of foldable screen phones starting from next week at MWC, but is it really the beginning of a new era? Frankly, it’s too early to say, but judging by the enthusiasm around this tech evolution, perhaps the trend will catch on.

Are there apps optimized for foldable display phones?
Yes, Android has ‘Screen Continuity’, and so developers won’t have to go through an awful lot of trouble to optimize their apps for foldable displays. Simply put, its the feature by which an app could smoothly and seamlessly transform to and fro the different screen sizes.

App developers have had a headstart and many major apps must already be compatible. Google has already encouraging developers to add Screen Continuity, Multi-resume, and Multi-display support to their apps to make the transition to foldable phones smooth. In Android Q beta, we could find new changes for the same.