Top 5 Eye-Catching Board Games: March 2019


Counting down the most popular board games each month to help you find the best new games that people are playing, backing on Kickstarter, and talking about!

Hopefully, March 2019’s list of the top 5 board games that caught my attention helps you find some new board games you may not have known about!

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Euphoria: Build A Better Dystopia was among the first board games I waited in anticipation for when I started getting back into board games. Even though the game is five years old, a new expansion for it will be shipping in March. The expansion, “Ignorance Is Bliss” adds a bunch of new recruit cards and market tiles that can be used to replace or augment those from the original game. There’s also a new type of recruit card, an Automa mode that allows a single-player mode, new rules to address some game balance issues, a “New Antiques Bazaar” board, and some new components. Euphoria has sat on my shelf collecting dust for far too long, and hopefully this new expansion will respark some interest in it, and get this game back on the table.

In the game CO₂, players are on a quest to develop and install green power plants across the globe. Before we all die from pollution. To win, you’ll need just the right combination of strategy, money, and resources. Three things that I’m obviously lacking, based on my fatal performance in my inaugural play of the game. And now there’s a new version of the game that can play even meaner. This re-designed version, called CO₂: Second Chance, features new iconography, an completely re-written rulebook, more balanced gameplay, a new events deck, improved and streamlined mechanisms, and upgraded wooden components. In the game I played, we tried the new cooperative mode, and came up just a few turns short of a win. It probably didn’t help that I was burning a furnace full of raw coal while we played. You know, for ambiance.

For years Judge Dredd has been the law in Mega City One, but now it’s time for him to bring his special brand of justice to the rest of America in Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth. The game features competitive, co-operative and solo player modes set in a universe where players must face mutants, dinosaurs, possibly mutant dinosaurs because why stop there, and the Cursed Earth itself as they search of an object of immense power before it falls into the wrong hands. When this game first caught my eye, I didn’t realize it was also a makeover, too. It re-implements The Lost Expedition. In which a team of explorers must face hostile conditions, disease, and famine as they search the Amazon rainforest for an object of immense power. Or, maybe just an Arby’s. If you enjoy The Lost Expedition or mutant dinosaurs wielding immense power, then Judge Dredd: The Cursed Earth may be worth checking out.

Middara is a cooperative choose-your-own-adventure style RPG game, in which players assume the role of adventurers in an ultra-modern fantasy alternate universe that exists alongside ours, like some sort of mutant dinosaur. If you like stuff, then Middara may catch your eye too, because it is packed with stuff. Including: five books, 17 dice, 40 standees, 36 double-sided tiles, 342 tokens, one of those red decoder screen thingies, over 800 cards, and 44 miniatures. But a metric ton of bits and pieces isn’t all Middara is about. The game provides a narrative-driven adventure with over 90 hours of content; during which players will be confronted with decisions that change the course of the story and its outcome. Middara was Kickstarted, and will be shipping to its backers over the course of the next month or so. But a Kickstarter for its second printing will be launched early this summer, and I plan on producing another video around then that goes into more detail about my experiences with the game up to that point. In the meantime, there’s more than enough content in this box to keep me busy.