Top 7 Best Electric Cars Available In India 2021 ( Price, Features, Speed, etc. )

Here are the top 7 electric cars available in India. These top 7 electric cars are currently being sold in the Indian markets so you can buy them now.

The future of automotive engineering is electric, it was said. In fact, the way the world would commute would be completely electric in the years to come.
And guess what, India has caught hold of the changing tide and is growing by the tick of the clock. Tata Motors sold more than 3000 units of its Nexon EV in less than a year since its launch. Surely, we are all awaiting that time where for every three conventional cars sold, at least one is electric, but it appears the groundwork and infrastructure for the same is being done.
The electric vehicle revolution has begun in India. But even today you only have a handful of full-fledged electric vehicles (EV) that can be considered as a solid option for daily commute. So, if you are in the market for the best electric car in India, watch the video to know all features of the top 7 best electric cars in India.


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