Top 7 Electric Motorcycles for Freeride and Dirt Tracks ft. Sur Ron Light-Bee

The electrification of modern means of transportation is at full swing and while some vehicles (mainly cars, trucks and buses) are going trough the gas to electric transition without a hitch, two wheeled transport cannot develop as quickly due to different types fo regulations.

Depending on your country of residence, you may not get the fastest and the most powerful electric bicycle, scooter or motorbike but if you are interested in riding this type of electric vehicles outside public roads, your choices are quite vast.

Most freeride and dirt electric bikes can be ridden without limits in offroad environments, meaning that you can unleash the infinite about of silent power.

All of the types of media used in this video were obtained from official sources and serve illustrative and educational purposes. Links to the sources could be found at the end of the presentation.

This video presents some of the most exciting all-electric motorbikes that are suitable for riding on dirt tracks or on almost any type of rugged terrain.