Top Upcoming Smartphones September 2019!


Vivo NEX, Apple iPhone 11, Xiaomi Mi 9S, Redmi 8, Redmi Note 8, Redmi Note 8 Pro, Huawei Mate 20X 5G, Huawei Mate 30, Huawei Mate 30 Series, Realme 5, Realme 5 Pro, Realme 64MP Smartphone, Vivo iQOO Pro 5G, Oppo Reno2 Series…

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  1. Awaiting Redmi Note 8 Pro release.. amoled screen? expandable memory? snapdragon 730? will obviously have a headphone jack 👍 perhaps stereo speaker's?

  2. " The biggest phone of the year is he iPhone " ?????????????????? What drugs are you on boy ? They are barely 3 rd place and worth about 1/3 of the price they ask

  3. Livin in china must be a hell of an adventure, like you wake up in the morning and realise there is a whole bunch of brand new stuff and phones and gadgets out there to be explored,
    Oh and don't forget about those food mate, street wise and fancy wise . And at the end of the day wash down the entire hilarious day with couple of Chinese beer befor the bed and start the next NEVER_GET_BORING cycle, 🍻

  4. Who are you?? How can you get that a lot informations abourt nearly every smartphone?? But… Keep going on! I like to be informed :")

  5. Number is unlucky in China but Xiaomi's note 4 was one of the game changing device for Xiaomi. So it's just a superstition it seems

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