Turkey's Largest Wholesale Women's Clothing Shopping Center


Imagine a shopping mall in Turkey’s largest wholesale women’s brands have coexisted. By
dreaming of this, we’ve built Merter Fashion Center as Turkey’s largest wholesale women’s
evening dresses mall.
Merter Fashion Center, which was renovated with a new understanding in 2018, is Turkey’s
largest wholesale women’s evening wear shopping center which is situated on 25,000 m² of
space, and has 150 stores with over 200 brands that are market leaders and has a space
where you can find over 30 different models together.
Merter Fashion Center consists of 2 residence blocks, 1 office block and a shopping center
Merter Fashion Center, where all stores from all floors can be seen at an equal level while
roaming, offers a comfortable shopping experience under one roof to thousands of customers
from different countries with its wide open spaces and parking capacity of 1,000 vehicles.
Located on the E5 highway at the heart of Istanbul, Merter Fashion Center stands out with its
accessibility. Located on the subway, tramway and metrobus lines, just 10 minutes to Atatürk
Airport and 40 minutes to İstanbul’s new airport, Merter Fashion Center, offers a convenient
transportation and shopping environment for all the local and foreign visitors, not just to İstanbul
Merter Fashion Center provides service six days a week from 09:00 a.m to 20:00.