Unboxing My New SleepSpa Mattress | Best Mattress Ever


Sleep Spa Website Link : – https://bit.ly/2k8W5VP
SleepSpa Mattress On Amazon :- https://amzn.to/2lLE688
Coupon Code for 15% discount on this product = SHALINI15

Some Important Information about Sleep Sleep Mattress-

-They offer up to 65% off on their mattresses.
-31 years old brand with +5000 4.9 stars reviews online.
-You can connect with them on +91-9837058451 for personal recommendation as per your body, need and budget.
-As they are direct from the factory and have no middlemen in between who take an extra margin. So high quality at low pricing.
-The cost shown on the website is inclusive of GST. They offer free shipping.
-They offer trial periods on various memory foam mattresses and latex mattress. So, if you don’t like the product, 100% refund is done.
-They have various mattresses like memory foam mattress, latex mattress, spring mattress, coir mattress, foam mattress etc. Sleep Spa offers up to 15 years warranty on their various products.

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