Unique Christmas Gift Ideas People Will Absolutely LOVE! | Laureen Uy


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Unique Christmas Presents:
1. Tic Travels- https://www.tic-design.com/
2. Wine Bottle Cooler Stick- http://bit.ly/2OpWPSP
3. O20 smart notebook- https://www.instagram.com/unlimitedmanila/
4. iWalk powerbank with built-in cords- http://bit.ly/2QMNequ
5. 2-in-1 pillow travel blanket- http://bit.ly/2KSMFYH
6. The Carry On cocktail kit- https://www.instagram.com/p/BtNONCiFnfu/
7. Charger cord bracelet- http://bit.ly/34gKshu (android) http://bit.ly/2OD2l3l (iPhone)
8. Portable smartphone projector- http://bit.ly/37u2ui0
9. The Lifesaver- https://www.quirksph.com/products/life-saver
10. Balvi basketball hoop shoot- https://www.quirksph.com/products/basketball-hoop-shoot

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