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Visit: https://www.benefitsaccountmanager.com/www-cvs-com-otchs-uhc/ to View or access the FREE GUIDE on how & where to go to manage (login / register / enroll) your United Healthcare OTC / Over The Counter Online Account website. Phone Number & Catalog will also be provided.

The above video is a short summary of what OTC Items Are Covered by United Healthcare:

  • Diabetes Care ItemsVitamins & Mineral / Dietary Supplements
  • Cold, Flu, Allergy , Sinus, Asthma Medicines
  • Oral, Eye, Ear, Foot, Skin, Sun Care Products
  • Cough / Sore Throat Relief
  • Pain Relief Medicine
  • Nasal Sprays, Moisturizer & Washes
  • Compression sleeves, garments, and other accessories
  • Health Supports such as arm slings, braces or bandages
  • Digestive Products
  • Weight Control / Nutritional Food Products
  • Smoking Prevention / Deterrents
  • First Aid Items
  • A Blood Pressure Kit or Other Diagnostics (Home Test Kits)

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