Vlogtober 2020 – Day 8 | Shopping and Deciding on Halloween Costumes ? | Spirit Halloween Store


Join us as we talk about and shop for Halloween Costumes for our family at Spirit Halloween Store

For 31 days I will be sharing my life, our adventures, homeschooling, homesteading, cooking, cleaning, and everything in between on this crazy but blessed journey of motherhood as a Stay At Home Mom. I am so excited to share my vlog with all of you, and I look forward to the fun and adventures that we have planned.


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?Hi friends, Thank you for stopping by my channel. Here you will find family gear reviews, diaper bag Comparisons, homeschool Chat , Vlogs and mommy videos. I have two kids so needless to say I have picked up a few mom tips and family tricks on how to run my household as efficient as possible.

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