What Is the Best Monitor Size for Gaming? [Simple Guide]


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If you want to buy a new monitor, what size should it be? 24 inches? 27 inches? Or perhaps even 32 inches?

We’ll tell you all you need to know about this dilemma in this video!



  1. 27", 1080p (becuase i'm on a budget), 144hz, curved. This is the sweetspot for non-competitive games imo. For competitive games i would go for a 24".

  2. I have an 19" sony sdm-hs95p 1280-1024 75hz 12ms, i'm 3 feet away and see everything sharp crystal clear like 8k with good popping colors got it in 2004! I love it but it just to slow in games. planning to upgrade for a 27" 144hz 1080p sitting away 2-3 feet will it be too close and see a pixelized image?

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